Sunday, January 10, 2010

in search of memory

Please come to a theater near me.


btw: Eric Kandel's book, In Search of Memory? Brilliant and a pleasure to read.


Mira said...

Dear Suttonhoo: I just discovered your blog today. I absolutely love it! It's like you are writing about the inside of my brain. I just finished an illustrated memoir called The Memory Palace (due out from Simon & Schuster Jan. 2011) about brain injury, memory loss, art and early science (and other things). In it there is a chapter about the Kalachakra mandala, relating it to a palimpsest so I was thrilled to see your other post as well. I'm from Chicago but live in Western MA now--an old School of the Art Institute of Chicago alum. I'll list your blog on my blog, MIRA'S LIST (it's a grants/residencies/opportunities for artist blog). No need to reciprocate unless you feel it's appropriate for your audience. Anyway...your blog rocks. Thanks for doing it. Best, Mira Bartok

suttonhoo said...

hey Mira -- thanks for the lovely comment -- looking forward to checking out your blog -- and thanks so much for the blogroll mention.

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