Saturday, January 30, 2010

plus c'est la même chose

plus c'est la même chose
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The new Vivace location in the little retail hollow carved out
by REI just off Denny Ave in Seattle has a curved inner room
that resembles the old roaster room from the Capital Hill
location.[1] But no roaster. Instead, more linoleum tables for
coffee dosers, but the majority of these are a rich velvety
crema brown, made to suit it seems, unlike the old place
which was a hodgepodge of found retro kitchen remnants.

If I recall correctly, that stash was transported down to the
North end of Broadway where the new cafe went in when
the imminent light rail forced the old one from it's South Broadway

Which is fine, and the coffee's still sublime.

Plus ça change.

Posting by cameraphone from Seattle.

[1] which was the where of this what:

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