Thursday, January 28, 2010

sushi maki I adore you

sushi maki I adore you
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Stopped here first thing after touching down at SeaTac because 1) they're 10 minutes from the airport, 2) it's 10 o'clock my time and 3) all I managed earlier today was an oatmeal at O'Hare.

I'm famished.

Sushi Maki was sustenance to me and my family when we held vigil up the road at the hospital with Grama this last summer. I was thrilled to see the Open sign still on at a quarter past 8, but my heart dove to my toes when I saw the posted hours read 8PM close.

Only here's what's wonderful: the nice man stayed open for me, and even said "of course, sit down, I'll get you some tea."

Which I am now drinking happily.

Please eat here the next time you're near: they're lovely.

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Sushi Maki
15710 1st Ave South
Burien, WA

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