Tuesday, May 09, 2006

finn's hotel

finn's hotel
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I shot this right near the spot where Nora Barnacle was walking when she was approached by James Joyce on June 10, 1904.

She had just gotten off work at Finn's Hotel, where she was employed as a chambermaid. Six days later they would meet again (and snog some), and the fateful date for Ulysses (and Bloomsday) was set: June 16th.

It should be noted that Joyce was a bit indiscriminate in his attentions: He tried the same brazen approach the following day with another young woman -- but this other gal was accompanied by a male companion who beat the tar out of Joyce. The stranger, a fellow Dubliner who happened to be a Jew, helped Joyce clean up afterwards; he would become the model for Leopold Bloom.

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