Sunday, May 21, 2006

flores man

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A few months back I sat in on a lecture by Provost Bob Martin of the Field Museum, re the Flores Man controversy. He and his colleagues were of the opinion that the Flores Man was not a new species as some have theorized, but a human who suffered from microcephaly. He made a compelling case, and was supported by an anthropologist, also in attendance, who specialized in the tools of early man.

I found the presentation compelling, but didn't blog on it because of a subsequent conversation with a friend of mine who held the opposite opinion entirely -- and passionately -- and really knew his stuff.

I still don't feel equipped to put an opinion out there, but Martin's piece was sufficiently difficult to find online so I thought I would at least perform the public service of publishing a link to the technical comments, published this last Friday in Science »

And here's a link to a summary piece that's a little bit more accessible »

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