Wednesday, May 17, 2006

warrior crafter

frontera stelae
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This is for two of my favorite crafty girls, opiliones and enyasi, from today's New York Times story about a Peruvian mummy -- a woman, a warrior, and a crafter -- dating back to 450 BCE:

The most striking aspect of the discovery, archaeologists said yesterday, is not the offerings of gold and semiprecious stones, or the elaborate wrapping of her body in fine textiles, but the other grave goods.

She was surrounded by weaving materials and needles, befitting a woman, and 2 ceremonial war clubs and 28 spear throwers -- sticks that propel spears with far greater force -- items never found before in the burial of a woman of the Moche.

A Peruvian Woman of A.D. 450 Seems to Have Had Two Careers in today's New York Times.


opiliones said...

excellent. I want to be buried with my set of crochet hooks that I've had since 1974 and still use to this day.

enyasi said...

Wow!!!! Warrior & Crafter... One only need go to a yarn store on a sale day to see that women who craft definitely have a warrior streak...

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