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guinness good for you

guinness good for you
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One of the original ads for Guinness Stout reads:
Guinness is one of the most nourishing beverages, richer in carbo-hydrates than a glass of milk. That is one reason why it is so good when people are tired or exhausted.
We queued 20 minutes and paid €14 (per head) to visit the Guinness Storehouse – pardon me – the GUINNESS Storehouse – in Dublin where we spiraled up five stories in a slow crawl along with the rest of humanity to learn all about the manufacture, marketing and distribution of Ireland’s most famous stout – with time to spare on the tail end to grab a “free” pint and take a spin through the gift shop.

Advertising, Baby. Branding pure and simple. And I paid for the privilege.

We were on the tourist circuit in Dublin, and visited every museum known to man. No where else did we queue for 20 minutes. No where else did we push through crowds like we did at the Storehouse. No where else did we lay down €28 for the privilege. No where else did we see so many smiling faces.

Did I mention the library where you could read up or listen to audio lectures on how to avoid a hangover or why beer is good for your health? It was packed.

I spend a lot of time (probably too much time -- fortunately, much of it is compensated) thinking about branding and merchandising, so the part of me that wasn't baffled tried to parse the stories, displays and exhibits to better understand why people connected so deeply and affectionately to this product.

Turns out all I really needed to do to understand it better was spend a little time in a pub with a pint of my own, good music playing, and my darlin' companion close by.

By the time I hit the bottom of that first pint it had become perfectly clear.

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litwit said...

I have several brothers who couldn't agree more ;-)

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