Sunday, August 27, 2006

decisions and revisions

This is not the kind of news story I wanted to come home to right after dropping my sweetie off at the airport:

And please don’t tell me this is a case of someone being stupid and careless:

People involved in the investigation said the lights might have been illuminated on the runway used by the plane, even though an airport notice had told pilots that the lights were off, and that discrepancy might have caused some confusion in the cockpit.

Only the co-pilot survived. Good luck living carefree with 49 ghosts on your back, buddy. Who was it who said "in a minute there is time for decisions and revision which a minute will reverse"*? Pardon my cynicism: but no. Not this time.

* Full points to the little girl in the back who identified that correctly as T.S. Eliot -- and who also pointed out that he leads into that line by asking "Do I dare disturb the universe?"

Frankly, can any of us escape the fact that we do? (g*ddamit.)

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