Monday, August 14, 2006

only in chicago

only in chicago
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I love the way the Chicago Sun Times writes their headlines.

My favorite Sun Times headline ever was when Pope John Paul was still alive and he announced -- just in case folks had lost track -- that Catholicism was the one true faith. The Sun Times ran a headline in the upper left hand corner of the page -- alongside the masthead -- accompanied by a picture of the pope with his staff raised and his other arm lifted in blessing. Basically: both arms raised, and a single finger pointing straight up.

The headline read: "We're Number 1!"


Lolabola said...

What is it about the Sun everywhere that is so....well ours puts headlines like that next to photos from a totally different story. Often the photo is of some innocent person connected to a good samaritan story that everyone now thinks is a mobster.

My favourite headline ever was one of those National Enquirer ones. Miracle! Stare at this inkspot for 30 seconds and then look at the white square and Jesus will appear!

suttonhoo said...


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