Thursday, August 24, 2006

if today is your birthday

This is for all you double-yod-venus-rising-leo-cusping-virgos out there with a birthday today:

This creature embodies all the alluring qualities which make so many of their admirers want to murmur 'Come live with me and be my love'. The best kind of cusp cocktail, there is fire in the heart, lightness in the wit, and a steadiness of concentration which can impress the cleverest people in the land.

I suspect my life would be very different if any of this were true.

In effect, August 24 catches Leo's last brilliant rays, twists them round a cocktail stick and slips the golden wand into the luscious dark velvet of their psychology. The women are much pursued, not least for their mystery. She doesn't try to be mysterious. On the contrary, she is bright, witty and can sometimes be the gorgeous focal attention of a party.

Does this apply if my mother’s labor was induced? (It was.)

But for all the friendliness, there's that feeling you just can't grasp her. Many give even their closest loved ones a prickly sensation, foreboding of loss, even when there's absolutely no indication of anything but happiness.

“Foreboding of loss”? Me? Miss Merry Sunshine?

You are always trying to hang on to August 24 and always glad you have a firm hold because somebody else is trying to lure them away. Many people pursue some kind of academic career, or at least research. They are clever, yes, but what takes them onwards is dedication to a subject and pleasure in isolation, which of course ain't easily accomplished in open plan offices.

“Pleasure in isolation” is a nice way of saying “no one wants to be near you, Virgo. You’re too picky and you're the only one who laughs at your jokes.”

She favours Italy, in particular the south with its stinging heat and the dusty white light. She brings back terracotta pots and bright scarves which she puts on shelves and hangs on walls.

Italy? Never been. Terracotta pots? Guilty. But the scarves don’t go on the walls: they’re for wearing.

She's a girl who is made for motherhood and can expect quite a few pregnancies, not all planned and very possibly either from different fathers, or a second batch of babies several years after the first.

Now you’ve lost me.

From some random astrolology site.

And did I mention that the weather's in the toilet and WBEZ kicked off their pledge drive today? All. The Stars. Have aligned.


heather lorin said...

"fire in the heart, lightness in the wit, and a steadiness of concentration which can impress the cleverest people in the land" - check. The rest, um, probably not so much ;)

Happy birthday! I may have to go get some cake today to celebrate with you in spirit.

litwit said...

Oh my God, I missed another birthday -- I hope it's fabulous and fine, my friend, and all things good and true.

Anali said...

Happy Birthday fellow Virgo!

Frank Zappai said...

happy birthday! believe it or not, it was Mrs. Zappai's birthday today as well--I'll have to share that horoscope with her. best wishes, hope your day was great.

suttonhoo said...

hey thanks, all! hope the weather was better for your sweetie's birthday feting, Zapp. :)

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