Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this next

I spoke back in February at a conference where I posited something like thisnext.com – at least I intended to. As I kicked off my remarks a fever that would soon spike to 103 and eventually develop into pneumonia had just started to consume me – so hell if I know what I really said. The trades reported my opening remarks as the meat of the discussion, so I figure I must have blown it bad. (Thank god for the memory lapses that high fevers bring: they protect us from the pain.)

But to my point: We’re moving toward a new way to shop online, and for those of us who don’t shop recreationally (and maybe even those of us who do) but prefer to find our goods through the recommendations of folks we trust – thisnext.com holds a whole lot of promise for this brave new world of consumeristic-goodness.

The site relies on social networking, so it’ll take a while for it to get some meat on its bones and develop some soul, but it lays the ground work, and it’s extraordinarily cool.

Please pardon my anemic offering – these things take time to bloom; you might want to browse around to see what other folks have going on »

And of course Etsy.com was doing it first, at a more grass-roots level »

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