Friday, August 25, 2006

short listed

national gallery, dublin
Originally uploaded by suttonhoo.
I am writing to let you know that one of your photos with a creative commons license has been short-listed for inclusion in the second edition of our Schmap Dublin Guide, to be published mid-September 2006.

Clicking this link will take you to a page where you can:
i) See which of your photos has been short-listed.
ii) Submit or withdraw your photo from our final selection phase.

Best regards,
Ali Moss,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

I have unsettled feelings about Creative Commons licensing -- like an unpaid bill it nags at me – I’m sure there’s a hidden penalty in there somewhere, and the sooner I look at it the better my chance of doing something about it. But instead I just let it sit there.

I don't shoot for a living (or have any ambition to do so) so I'm flattered when someone wants to use my photography for something like this. But I know that the abundant availability of free imagery that sites like Flickr have made possible, will (and probably has) made it more difficult for working photographers to sell their imagery for purposes like these -- the bread and butter of folks who work in the trade.

I could have refused the short list option -- it steps outside the bounds of the Creative Commons license that I've assigned, actually, which precludes commercial use.

I probably should have. But I didn't.


paul said...

so, will they pay you for the use of the photo? it's odd that they would reference the creative commons license without specifically mentioning the restrictions you indicated.

i'm curious, why the non-commercial restriction?

suttonhoo said...

the conversation continues -- -- I'm going to answer your questions in a second post, paul. stay tuned.

suttonhoo said...


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