Friday, October 27, 2006

ginger lemon tea

Originally uploaded by JimReeves.
• one big nub of ginger root
• one whole lemon (meyer is best)
• hot water
• honey

skin the ginger root with the edge of a spoon.

grate coursely.

toss into one of those plunger pots.

squeeze the lemon -- if it's organic toss the whole thing in.

add hot water and steep.


pour off a cup and toss in a dollop of honey.

drink down and pray that it will banish the demons who have stolen your voice and replaced it with a horrible raspy cough.


litwit said...

Oh dear. I hope you'll be back to drinking wine soon...on the other hand, maybe wine is just what you need to power through it.

anniemcq said...

I'll be trying this today, since I'm sounding a bit like Peppermint Patty myself. Or Brenda Vaccarro. Or Yosemite Sam when Joe-Henry ignores me. The little varmint. Excellent recipe, my friend. If you need a literary Chicken Soup (without resortiing to those dreadful "Chicken Soup...." books), check out Laurie Colwin's "Homecooking" and "More Homecooking". A good cuddle up and some of that yummy tea, you'll be right as rain in no time.

suttonhoo said...

you're the sh*t, miss anniemcq. miss you.

heather lorin said...

I've been wanting your secret recipe for some time now - just sorry it had to come to this. Hope you're feeling better today :)

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