Tuesday, October 03, 2006

pay dirt


In a war that's costing the U.S. billions of dollars every week (just blinking will cost us all another six figures), it's good to know that someone with some sense has their eye on the bottom line.

Opiliones just posted a memo that her sweetie shared with her after he sent it out to the troops -- he's on month 10 of a 12 month deployment in Baghdad (suckage) -- here's a taste of what you're in for:
In accordance with the attached Letter of Technical Direction [deleted], specifically the provision to give a recommendation of the type of grass to use on the XXXX soccer field. After consultation with our horticulture staff, we recommend the soccer field be planted in dirt. Attached is a photo of a similar field planted in dirt.

Advantages of dirt are:
  • Highly drought resistant – dirt can go many seasons without rain or watering and will still make a full recovery.

  • Economical – adequate dirt can be shipped from many European countries and provides all the coverage necessary for a lush brown field.

  • Low seeding rate – the dispersion of dirt seeds can be set to a very low number of dirt seeds per sq meter. After only a short period of time, dirt will expand to fill the area between the seeds and once a strong root bed is initiated, dirt will continue to thrive for many generations.

  • There's more -- get the full dirt over at Mixed Bag »

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