Friday, October 13, 2006

thank you, mr. sugimoto

One New York night in 1980, during another of my internal question-and-answer sessions, I asked myself, "Can someone today view a scene just as primitive man might have?" The images that came to mind were of Mount Fuji and the Nachi Waterfall in ages past. A hundred thousand or a million years ago would Mount Fuji have looked so very different than it does today?

I pictured two great mountains; one, today's Mount Fuji, and the other, Mount Hakone in the days before its summit collapsed, creating the Ashinoko crater lake. When hiking up from the foothills of Hakone, one would see a second freestanding peak as tall as Mount Fuji. Two rivals in height—what a magnificent sight that must have been!

Unfortunately, the topography has changed. Although the land is forever changing its form, the sea, I thought, is immutable. Thus began my travels back through time to the ancient seas of the world.

~ Hiroshi Sugimoto

If you’ve never gotten lost in a Hiroshi Sugimoto seascape, you should probably go do that now (keep clicking – it’s worth every page load) »


Lolabola said...

OMG the theatres and colors of shadow were amazing! thanks for the link.

suttonhoo said...

so glad you liked it -- I'm such a fan -- he also curated a show recently called "History of HIstory" that was extraordinary -- I saw it in NY with litwit -- another friend told me he saw it in D.C. and it blew him away too -- here's a link if you're curious -- history of history

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