Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i like an arch

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To express is to drive. And when you want to give something presence, you have to consult nature. And there is where Design comes in.

And if you think of Brick, for instance, and you say to Brick, "What do you want Brick?" And Brick says to you "I like an Arch." And if you say to Brick "Look, arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lentil over you. What do you think of that?"


Brick says: "... I like an Arch."

~ Louis Kahn

Many thanks to Leslie for coupletiz-ing and posting the Kahn quote to Choka-On-It -- one of the most brilliant expressions of Buddha nature on the Internet (that only lacks for on-site search).


Lasse said...

You can hear Louis Kahn say the quote him self in the super documentary "My Architect" by his son.
I was just in The Netherlands and saw alot of Rem Koolhaas -he is also a great architect in my mind, although very diferent from Louis.

suttonhoo said...

oh yeah -- love the Rem.

his NY firm just broke away from the nest -- it'll be interesting to see what kind of projects he does stateside in the wake of that.

(note to self: get to the Netherlands; see some more Koolhaas.)

Lasse said...

AH! Apparently I was too late on the link to NY Times. Okay it was a month ago you wrote about it so. Actually it says on OMAs homepage that they are looking for an intern for the NY office - old news or??? I don't know. I just saw your pictures on Flikr from the Library -great pics especially the red photo! - I still haven't figured how Flikr works out about the rights on pictures - yes I would like to show my stuff -but not give it away - I saw that your pictures said "some copyrights reserved", but I could not find out how that was done with my own pictures. The reason I am telling you is that I have a lot of pictures from The Netherlands that I wanted to show you..... I'll have to post some on my blog I think. ( Note to self: find out how Flikr actually works)

suttonhoo said...

hey lasse -- to set your creative commons licensing at flickr go to: you > your account > photo licensing -- there are several different levels of permission there -- can't wait to see your pix!

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