Saturday, October 14, 2006

spanish red

Open letter to the bottle blonde in the off-the-shoulder fuzzy sweater at last night’s Spanish wine tasting: Hon, if the wine is as pink as your sweater, you REALLY don’t need to ask if it’s going to be “too dry.” Because it won't be. Trust me on this one.

Here’s the crib sheet I came away with – not a bad one in the bunch – and sorry, no tasting notes of my own – although I tried to link to folks with notes. And if you're wondering if you'd like what I like it might help to know that I like my wine like I like my humor -- dry, complex, a little bit earthy and, oh yeah -- spicey.

Or maybe that's how I like my ###[1].

Either way, it’s about character, baby. And it’s gotta be red.

Finca Antigua La Mancha Crianza
Martín Berdugo Barrica Ribera Del Duero
Bodegas Martinez Bujanda, Conde de Valdemar Crianza
Castillo de Fuendejalon, Crianza
Coto de Hayas Tempranillo/Cabernet
Coto de Hayas Riserva
Terrasola Syrah/Garnacha/Temperanillo, Penedes

[1] shhhhhhhh -- google's listening.

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