Sunday, April 22, 2007

ceci n'est pas Paris

ceci n'est pas Paris
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The architecture of the Las Vegas strip baffles me: It's all skin and allusion (flesh and illusion, too). This was shot last night outside "Paris", a hotel/casino that emulates, well, Paris.

Spent the afternoon tooling around the old Las Vegas downtown, however, and all its sleeping neon and Googie wonderfulness.

That area, for some reason, although it's rundown and slowly dying out and the foot traffic is only a fraction of the Strip, feels authentic and real and right (or as right as Vegas is ever going to be).

Posting by cameraphone. Real pics to follow soon.


anniemcq said...

c'est fromage!

Paris Las Vegas is perhaps the cheesiest place on earth. Glad you got to visit the old strip. I can't WAIT to see pics.

narthex said...

you know what though? i think vegas and los angeles has a lot of the same traits but at least vegas knows its shallow, fake and cheesey whereas los angeles takes itself so much more seriously. at least for vegas if you take away the stage lights, make-up and cosmetic surgery, there is still gambling. for los angeles, doing so would surely mean a horrible death! :D

gee, i'm cynical tonight! heheh!

hope you have fun in the town of escapism!

b1-66er said...

it's very possible that you have the single greatest blog post title here ever done. (all the more surprising given that you and i have never talked about it.)

and as long as i'm posting, (with the exception of places like olvera street) narthex is completely on the money -- and something i never would have hit.

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