Thursday, April 12, 2007

mmmmmmmm. bacon.

N = C + {fb (cm) • fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc • ta

In which:
N = force in newtons
fb is the function of the bacon type
fc is the function of the condiment or filling effect
Ts is the serving temperature
tc is cooking time
ta is the time taken to insert the condiment or filling
cm is the cooking method
C represents the breaking strain in newtons of uncooked bacon

The formula that best describes the bacon sandwich, or "bacon butty", as devised by Researchers at Leeds University and reported in yesterday's New York Times.

According to the researchers, perfection of the bacon butty is realized through the attainment of the perfect crunch, which is understood as follows: "the amount of force in the bite, expressed in newtons, and the level of noise, expressed in decibels. … Ideally ... 0.4 newtons should be applied to crunch the sandwich, creating 0.5 decibels of noise."


anniemcq said...

I find this is oddly sexy.
What does that say about me? Yikes.

suttonhoo said...


(me too. heaven knows why.)

Sara said...

Mmmm. Bacon.

MGL said...

You know, I haven't had bacon in like, a week. I'll get some tomorrow.

Ramones Karaoke said...

The students they used as guinea pigs were clearly too hungry and lost their objectivity here, they've missed the whole point of the bacon sarnie experience - it's all about temperature and volume of butter on the bread - crunch has no place in this world. A bacon sarnie becomes incredibly sensual when the bread is wholegrain and thick, freshly baked, and at the point the bacon is thrown in (lots of it), it melts the butter - and it's suddenly about the complex relationship of the bacon fats and the butter fats, and the slight sweetness of wholegrain bread, and the bite resistance of the bacon for sure, but not 'crunchy' or 'crispy' - that's just all wrong.

Oh my word I need a bacon sandwich right now...

suttonhoo said...

(clearly I need to post on bacon more often. great comments thread.)

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