Thursday, April 05, 2007

gee ma, it's a wurlitzer! [1]

gee ma, it's a wurlitzer! [1]
Originally uploaded by suttonhoo.
Intermission at the Stanford Theatre

Palo Alto, CA

[1] Google Ian Whitcomb for this one (posting by cameraphone from the Bay Area)


Lolabola said...

Okay I googled him and eventually wound up here.

I can only hope you got that on stage.

suttonhoo said...

omg, lolabola -- that's certainly sounds like whitcomb, but that's NOT what we got from the stage. too funny.

whitcomb used to (may still?) have a show that ran on the local public radio station out of pasadena called either "gee ma, it's a wurlitzer" or "hey ma..." -- I can't remember which. the whole show was wurlitzer music.

this guy was playing the wurlitzer that used to be in Grauman's Chinese Theatre. when he was done they lowered him into the floor. it was very cool.

suttonhoo said...

holy cow. how tired was I that I originally posted this as being from "Stanford, CA"? I wonder what other stupid things I've said today without realizing it...

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