Saturday, April 14, 2007

oh crap.

Chicago won out over LA to vie for hosting the 2016 Olympics.

Here's what I think about that »

Oh yeah -- and guess what? They plan to touch the lakefront.


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Lolabola said...

You know I'm totally annoyed with all this Olympic crap as well. I will say though that when the winter games were hosted in my then hometown, it changed the city in a most amazing way. The venues are all still in use and now people come from all over to train there because the facilities are so good. The part of the city that was revitalized was, thank god, mostly empty downtown buildings.

They've done that horrible bulldozing now, almost 2 decades later and it's all because of the oil boom from hell. Even if they had razed a neighbourhood for the Olympics, it wouldn't compare to the disgusting "progress" going on there now. (I just spent the day there, not bitter at all)

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