Saturday, April 07, 2007

hurry up and wait

hurry up and wait
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Or: How to survive a 3 hour pre-dawn layover in Detroit while trying to get home to Chicago after catching the redeye out of SFO.

• Walk the length of the terminal with luggage in tow.

• Walk it again.

• Purchase a bottle of water from one of the few open shops and slurp it down while walking the length of the terminal.

• Wonder at all the sleeping people.

• Wonder if you could just nap a little bit without almost missing your flight like that time in Amsterdam.

• Keep walking.

• Watch the sunrise come up over Gate A9.

• Replay the golden moments of the last few days through your brain. Wonder at why it hurts so much to say goodbye to friends. Realize you know why. Wish there was a workaround.

• Long for bed. Long for dreams. Long to brush your teeth.

• Cave and get some coffee.

• Realize you're past that -- coffee can't help you now.

• Keep on walking.


Lolabola said...

Just to clarify, should I have my luggage with me for the entire time I walk, or does it get dropped off somewhere in between?

Also is it okay if I replace Amsterdam with Miami? I'll never forget running my ass off to catch the flight to Quito right after realizing we had the time wrong. No sleep involved just temporary inability to read.

suttonhoo said...

definitely in tow, regrettably. no where to dump luggage at airports anymore, now that we're at "orange".

I have a small blister on the ball my foot from all the walking I did this morning, schlepping that luggage.

and yes: Miami substitution is acceptable.


Lolabola said...

Blister!!! what are you saying a blister is part of this too? I'm never travelling again.

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