Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 cents

25 cents
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You'd think the TSA would have given this ancient device -- parked over the tarmac at the Portland Int'l Jetport where for 25 cents anyone may closely monitor the landing gear and the workings of all the passing planes -- the kibosh some time back.

They haven't. They did, however, hand search three elderly gentlemen in the security line ahead of me, so any intentions those men had of blowing their flights out of the skies have been effectively squelched.

Incidentally: I stopped in at the newsstand where I've picked up single packets of Airborne in the past only to find they weren't carrying them anymore. After she told me this, the clerk wanted to know why I was looking. "I'm feeling run down," I told her, leaving out the part about 22 hrs worth of meetings over three days and the air miles to get here.

With worry in her voice she recommended a good meal -- something healthy, with greens. "It'll cost you a little here," she told me, he face screwed up with concern like a big sister lecturing one who still had much to learn, "but you'll feel better for it."

"Take care," she told me, and she meant it.

So I will.

Posting by cameraphone from PDW.

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