Wednesday, February 18, 2009

daily dose of B12

daily dose of B12
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Outbound from O'Hare to LaGuardia.

The two guys in front of me transferred from a flight that banged into another flight on the tarmac -- kinda like a fender bender, if airplanes had fenders.

Another fellow just boarded wearing an Obama button. Has there ever been another election in U.S. history where folks wore election ephemera *after* the campaign was won? It's more like wearing a Steelers jersey after they've won the Super Bowl than a presidential election.

The guy sitting next to me is almost certainly in sales. Just told his buddy over the phone he was heading to "the Big Yapper". Made a disparaging remark about the stimulus plan; criticized Obama's use of Air Force One to come home to Chicago for the weekend; called our president a homie.

Predicting that he and I will not share fascinating trivium about our lives on this flight.

Pilot just came on to say that they're jacking up the plane to change the left front tire. And so they are. Anticipated delay: 45 min.

Also: tired.

Posting by cameraphone at the gate.

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Leslie F. Miller said...

I think I will never be one of the party androids who believes the world will be sunny once X is elected. So I can understand the criticism of the stimulus plan. Still, I also know that the president cannot walk among us and shouldn't have to drive in a cavalcade from DC to Chicago.

I'm just disappointed with everything these days.

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