Saturday, February 14, 2009


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Have decided I'm officially a fan of the Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon, where they have 1) a pillow menu in each room (soft, medium, firm, extra firm, U-neck, body), along with 2) a spiritual menu (call down to the front desk for a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, the Koran, the Tao de Ching, the Torah/first five books of Moses, or the Book of Scientology).

Where they also have a lovely little Thai place called Typhoon where a couple of slow moving old broads (that would be me -- pooped from a long week on the road -- and the spectacular Anniemcq -- wiped from a nasty nasty bug) can settle in for a long meal complete with floor show, provided by the inimitable Joe-Henry.

Also: Fish on Fire. For real. (Halibut.)

Plus Joe-Henry brought me not only a Valentine, but maybe the coolest one ever: punch out the paper bits and fold it just right and you have paper goal posts and football guaranteed to provide hours of amusement. Or at least half an hour on the swanky chaise lounge in the lobby.

Above photo of a nascently evil Dick Cheney in a bumpercar at the Ohio State Fair courtesy of David Hume Kennerly, whose images are sprinkled all over this place.

One more reason to love human retreats in the middle of grueling business weeks, and be reminded that it's this kind of road time -- the kind that brings far away friends close enough to touch -- that makes me not mind all this traveling so much.

Posting by cameraphone from the Hotel Lucia in Portland, OR.

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anniemcq said...

So, so good to see you dear friend. All the way home, Joe-Henry kept saying "I miss Dayna already, Mom! She is sooo special!"

Loved Typhoon, too, and plan on digging into the leftovers tonight for dinner.

Have a great weekend, a lovely week and thank you again for the amazing evening. Huge hugs!

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