Thursday, February 05, 2009

blue man

Illus: Daryl Cagel

I don’t care. I’m making Obama blue today.

Political cartoonist (and Twitterer) Daryl Cagel posting about the struggle in his industry to caricature Obama without causing offense, in How to Draw Obama.

In his blog post Cagel describes a strange and enduring editorial prescription:

I worked for twenty years as a cartoon illustrator, doing drawings for books, magazines and advertising. I was often given clear guidelines on how I was supposed to draw African-Americans: with “small noses” and “thin lips”. I was instructed to make any crowds of cartoon characters racially diverse, but only diverse in color, not in facial features. Thick lips and wide noses on African American faces would be returned to me for correction, with a polite reminder of the corporate policies on depictions of minority facial features.

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