Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hidden skeins of music

a found poem about found music

It opens
With an audience murmur
A clarinet flourish
A few quiet whumps
From a bass drum
A repeated glockenspiel note

A woman laughs
A man says Excuse me

Snare-drum rolls swell
Tambourine shimmers
Timpani thuds

Beefy bassoon notes swirl

A trombone plays exercises
In different keys
Snatches of melodies

The volume of instruments
[Of the] crowd
Grows at a steady pace
A burst of applause [greets]
The concertmaster

The oboe sounds its tuning A

Silence erupts
[The] piece ends

Found in Daniel J. Wakin's piece The Concerts Found Onstage While Everyone Else Takes a Break in today’s New York Times.

The piece is about Christopher DeLaurenti of Seattle, who’s just released Favorite Intermissions, a recording (done up to look just like a Deutsch Grammophon release) of surreptitiously recorded ambient intermission “music”.

Limited run of 1,000 copies. Available at

Here’s an MP3 clip from the recording entitled SF Variations »


Lolabola said...

that's pretty cool!

MGL said...

That's extraordinarily beautiful. I'm working at a classical music festival these days. That's often what it sounds like. Beautiful and wonderful and completely incidental music.

One of the flutists in the piece is playing a psalm which we use as a christmas carol in Denmark and Norway.

suttonhoo said...

agreed. I think it's gorgeous stuff.

Kante Luis said...

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