Tuesday, May 15, 2007

leftovers at laguardia

leftovers at laguardia
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I can't spot an old abandoned airplane hanger anymore without thinking of b1-67er's idea to turn one near his home into a giant pinhole camera.

What would the world be like if every cool thinker executed every cool idea they had?

Infinitely cooler, I think.

That said, the Chicago Art Institute ran a show not too long ago of pinhole camera images taken in darkened hotel rooms -- the photographs were as big as the wall of the room, and depicted the scene just outside the curtains.

That was a nice dose of coolness, anyway. I'll look up the artist and try to post a link when I get home.

Posting by cameraphone from 45th & Lex, NYC.

Work day's done -- gonna go see a show.


Anonymous said...

umm...I'm not sure you want me executing every hairbrain idea I get.

suttonhoo said...

you left out the part about resources and insurance. :)

Anonymous said...

OK.... here's my plan. You write that play you've been talking about.... and become gloriously famous. They pick up your play and adapt it for the silver screen.... Anjolina Jolee is in it .... (wait...that's a different fantasy)....it's a huge hit and you become fabulously wealthy.
Then you become a patron of the arts... specificaly disadvantaged world's best mechanical engineers. I start up an art enlcave.... but it'll take about 100 guys to get started.

......and the insurance will be REALLY expensive.
I've made these plans with other people, but they just aren't doing their part. I'm counting on you.
Write that play.
(B1-67ER Blogger isn't taking my password)

suttonhoo said...

THERE it is! okay -- but I'm gonna need a little time. maybe I should pool resources with these "other people".

Anonymous said...

Jim Pirri.... the most famous guy I know. Check him out on IMDB. He needs to get quite a bit more famous and wealthy, doubly so now that his evil ex has her tallons into him.
The other guys that I know that have a shot at being fabulously wealthy have gotten that way by NOT giving money to guys with hairbrain ideas.
Now about that deep sea motion sensitive camera.......

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