Tuesday, May 08, 2007

on shuffle

A couple years back my sweetie downloaded the entire SXSW music catalog for me to iTunes -- which was a whole lot of music. Which means I'm still finding stuff I haven't heard yet.

Yesterday was no exception: The iPod shuffled over to a track by Ojos de Brujo, and I was immediately hooked on their funky electronica flamenco sound (correction -- per Wikipedia -- they're all about "hiphop flamenkillo"), and headed over to iTunes for more.

Found a track that they put together with Gaudi that especially plays on the electronic end of things -- Techarí is well worth a listen too.


Anali said...

Great song and video! Thanks!

enyasi said...

Many Thanks... As one knows gathering books for summer is almost as important as gathering new music. I am listening to one of the tracks now... perfect for summer nights :-)

Lolabola said...

forgot about them, will have to go watch.

Hope things are feeling better.

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