Thursday, May 24, 2007

superfluous beauty

The World’s Best Mechanical Engineer (don’t believe me? Ask Google.), he who brought you the largest pinhole camera never realized, is back with something real: the coolest Romaine and Greenleaf Lettuce Harvester ever.

Not that I know from lettuce harvesters. But here’s what makes it the coolest: Not only is it, I’m sure, better at harvesting romaine than any other harvester out there (I stake this assumption on my confidence in the engineer – the world’s best) but it does that one step better, because it does it with a splash of beauty.

There’s a grill on this hulking beast, and b1-67er (aka the world’s best mechanical engineer) dressed it up right in Art Deco style, with a nod to the age of the machine, and designed something entirely superfluous, and entirely right.

Just because.

I love that.


anniemcq said...

This is soooo cool.

I wish Joe-Henry could meet the World's Best Mechanical Engineer. Just to have someone else answer a long list of questions about how doors work.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with doing something like this is that it raises the scrutiny on the entire project. If you have any problems at all, people say, "he should have spent more time on (fill in the blank) and less time on the grill.

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