Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a strad is a strad is a strad

Or is it?

Researchers in Manchester, England, "developed an electronic device that takes the violin sound picked up by a microphone and alters it electronically to give the 'Strad' tone."

From How to get the Stradivarius sound from any violin (and better hi-fi) as reported in the Guardian.

So: Does a Strad by any other name sound as sweet?


Lolabola said...

this is like that disklavier/digital piano argument. do we need to reduce everything electronically to sound like the ultimate sound? Really what about the vibration it gives off while you are playing? what about the tiny variations inherent in each individual instrument? what about the way the performer feels and therefore plays when holding a particular instrument? What about the beauty in an instrument that doesn't sound perfect?

oops! this is the beginning of a rant.

suttonhoo said...

EXACTLY! you nailed it.

don't mind me -- feel free to rant on this one. :)

narthex said...

a strad is still a strad i say just as there was only one pablo casals and one jacqueline du pré... :D

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