Friday, June 27, 2008

fuwa of fury

Major calamities, earthquakes in particular, were viewed in imperial China as a sign that a dynasty had lost the mandate of Heaven.

Lucy Hornby and Alfred Cang reporting on the Chinese Curse of the Fuwa fulfilled in a 19 June Reuters wire story.

The Reuters' story recaps the Chinese government's efforts to suppress Chinese bloggers who are floating the theory that the five cuddly Beijing Olympic mascots, the Fuwa, each represents a disaster to be visited upon China in recent months.

Blogadilla recaps the force of the Fuwa in full. They include:

  • Huanhuan - The Olympic Flame - “The Bearer of Incendiary Strife”

  • Jingjing - The Giant Panda - “The Lord of Angry Earth”

  • Yíngying - The Tibetan Antelope - “The Creature of Righteous Unrest”

  • Nini - The Swallow/Shayan Kite - “The Bearer of Unfortunate Wind”

  • Bèibei - The Chinese Sturgeon - “The Bringer of Torrent and Flood”

Via Neatorama


I, Rodius said...

They don't look that furious.

Jack Lyons said...

Wait till they get wet.

anniemcq said...

Oh, those two comments together made me laugh out loud.

JH's grandparents went to China last fall, and he has lots of souveniers with the critters on them. With everything that has been happening in that area, it will be so interesting to see if the focus of the world can catch anything that might REALLY be going on (that they don't want us to see)

p2wy said...

Due to the picture I *totally* misread this as "Fuwa of Furry"... which is just wrong wrong wrong

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that three of the mascots are endangered species.
Also appropriate that the symbol of "righteous unrest" is endangered in China. I'm surprised it's not the Tibetan Antelope.
Always good to see you post stuff that's banned somewhere. Keep up the good work.


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