Wednesday, June 04, 2008

good morning, america.

It's no secret that Barack Obama is my candidate.

Excited and scared this morning in a first kiss kind of way.

Long road ahead. Let's get this thing done.


Franklin5 said...

"... in a first kiss kind of way."

This is it exactly. EXACTLY. It's all the giddiness and the expectation and the anxiety and the brimming-over hope, hope, hope... that we'll celebrate a wedding, of sorts, on January 20.

anniemcq said...

I get kind of a lump in my throat when I get too excited. Like when I'm watching fireworks up close or hearing the big bass drums get closer in a parade. That's how it felt last night. Joe-Henry kept putting his face close to mine and saying "are you crying mom?"

And I agree with Franklin one hundred percent. Perfectly captured, missy.

mrtn said...

Well, I'm not exactly at the point of first-kiss-jitters, but I'm really happy the nomination round is finally over.

Lasse said...

Yeah that seemed like a lot of waisted energy - I mean - now the real fight begins.

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