Thursday, June 19, 2008

old dog, new trick

A Thomas Smillie cyanotype from the Smithsonian Collection -- which is now available on Flickr along with 862 (at this count) other copyright-free imagery from the museum.

There's something about the Smithsonian -- "the world's largest museum complex and research organization" -- using Flickr to share its copyright-free imagery with the masses that would have been remarkable once upon a time.

But today makes perfect sense.

Although interestingly the Smithsonian has opted to permit downloads of the assets, but has not enabled blogging or cut and paste html syndication of the imagery. Hmm.

The Smithsonian's Flickr Photostream »

Also of interest: the Smithsonian has posted a robust set of cyanotypes by Smillie -- whom they bill as "The Smithsonian's First Photographer" -- and they're lovely »

Thanks boing boing!

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