Saturday, June 14, 2008

historic marker

That building to the right with the Chinese lanterns? That's the Legendary Palace in Oakland, CA (shot the week before last) where once upon a time b1-67er and I had legendary dim sum (almost entirely by accident) and the World's Best Mechanical Engineer refused to eat his greens (but had no problem putting away the pork) and later I'd shoot a bunch of pics at the Oakland Bonsai Gardens just for fun that Mastercard would pay four hundred whole dollars to use as part of their online Priceless Picks campaign.

Honest. All true.

And if it weren't for Flickr that last part wouldn't even have happened. (Thanks, Flickr.)

But Flickr had nothing to do with the dim sum.

Which was legendary.


Kari said...

Brava! There's nothing I'm enjoying more than watching someone I actually know get famouser and famouser (sp?) for being just who she is, and doing just what she does. Well earned, much deserved.

suttonhoo said...

aw shucks -- thanks -- it happened over a year ago now, and the money's already spent. ;)

(mostly I was missing the dim sum, since -67er stood me up this time around...)

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