Tuesday, March 07, 2006


After Divorce
Things settle
Friends, families, pets
Choose their corners

Vast silences
The white dwarf

Whole countries
Faces loved
Places lived
Stories told
And depart

We will not visit the old places
We will not tell the old stories
We will not kiss the closed-lid lashes of the ones we loved

Divorce is death without ceremony,
Condolence, or hot dish


FlyingSquirrel said...

just found your blog via a link on your first-bud-of-spring photo. (this is JKonig from flickr.) nice blog. i remember blogging, back before i sold my soul to flickr. i must get back to it. hey. it's 12:22. that's technically lunch hour, right? right. on my way.

oh yeah, and this poem about divorce? did you write this? because, like, wow. may i share this with my stepmother's sister, who recently got divorced herself? i myself am married, but am a child of divorce. have you seen "the squid and the whale"? saw it a month ago; when i think back on it, and the ending, i bawl all over again. o, to be 36, and still but a child...

suttonhoo said...

thanks JK -- share away -- will email the remainder.

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