Sunday, March 26, 2006



Theo Jansen evolves beach creatures out of PVC piping. For a living. And it’s one of the most extraordinarily beautiful things I’ve ever seen. On film, anyway. I’ve never seen them in person (although I did get to see Jansen speak at last year's GEL Conference), but it appears, from his website, that the next “open day” (for seeing the creatures propel themselves by wind down the beach, I'm assuming) is this coming Saturday, April 1st at Ypenburg in the Netherlands (and no, I don’t think the Dutch are into April Fool’s Day, so if you show up the odds are good hell keep his word).

Regrettably, his site could stand to evolve some – the usability is really rough – so I’ve taken the liberty of linking in a couple of his critters here. Site of origin for all of these is, and there’s more where these came from.

  • Animaris Currens Ventosa
  • Animaris Geneticus Ondula
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