Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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"Funktionslust, a German word meaning 'pleasure taken in what one can do best'."

David Gessner writing in the March/April issue of Orion

(Loving the subscription, Dad: thanks.)


Ricky D said...

Well? How does "funktionslust" apply to you?

Me? I thought you'd never ask. No, really, the thought had occurred to me, so I figured I'd just keep quiet for now except to ask the question.

Oh, and this has given me a new appreciation for the word "lustig" which I thought to mean "funny", but now I feel like it means something more like "to cause a mirthful pleasure"...


suttonhoo said...

hey rickyD -- thanks for stopping by -- re funktionslust -- depends on the time of day, I guess -- when I read this passage it reminded me of Chagall's Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers -- as I understand it, to "do something with seven-fingers" is a yiddish expression for really being in the flow (but I should probably double check my source on that). anyway: struck me as cool.

take care.

opiliones said...

When I first saw this I read it as funktion-slut. Where's that tape recorder when you need it?

Thought you might be interested in this bit of poetry from my alma mater's literary journal:


suttonhoo said...

great piece -- worth the cut and paste -- thanks! re the misreading: yeah -- I made the same mistake. I'm sure blogspot's banned me from incoming "view this blog" clickthroughs like they did when I posted on picasso.

opiliones said...

you are so naughty.

Ricky D said...

*agrees* That piece was very good "opiliones"... If that is your REAL name.

And to the Hoo of Sutton: You are welcome for stopping by. I only hope my presence here has given you something in return. Like a rash or a stubbed toe. Gifts that keep giving.

Did I mention I enjoy your shots? Just don't shoot me. I've got my whole life ahead of me. Well, not my whole life, but hopefully alot still.

Either way, I need another drink. No seriously, I need one.

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