Thursday, December 14, 2006

the ambi-pant

The Ambi-pant is a strange hybrid trouser that prevails in the menswear department of REI in which two-thirds of each pantleg can be removed through a zipper affordance, effectively converting the pants to shorts.

The Ambi-pant bears a resemblance to the mythical unicorn (known to reveal itself only to young virgins in tranquil forest settings) in that it can be found cavorting only under certain conditions (like -- somehow, miraculously -- during a rushed lunch hour shopping excursion), but cannot be located through either a Google or REI on-site search query.

So dominant is the Ambi-pant species within the REI menswear department that the probability of finding men's pants that are NOT all ambi-like is about as likely as, well, a well-travelled old dame like me stumbling across a unicorn.


heather lorin said...

You know they make ambi-pants for women in catalogs such as TravelSmith. Not pretty.

anniemcq said...

Isn't Christmas shopping fun?!

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