Tuesday, December 19, 2006

front row center

Inside the theatre at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Lasse said...

I like this photo - it looks like a pinhole camera - if you know what i mean - or that you have a to low apiture on a very wideangle lens on a digital SLR. How do you do it - if I may ask?

Lasse said...

okay: aperture

suttonhoo said...

oddly enough I was shooting with a macro lens in very low light -- I intended to shoot with a wide angle at Taliesin, but our schedule got shuffled around so I was stuck with the lens I brought. but yes: digital SLR.

the vignetting is from heavy theatrical curtains that drape the exit -- the points of entry and exit in the theatre are very much like the ones that FLW designed for Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL where you enter single file through a compressed space and then exit all together through a more expansive doorway that isn't revealed until the performance is over.

because we were touring the site with a group I set the camera to auto-exposure -- but those reflections didn't reveal themselves until I messed with the levels in photoshop.

hope that wasn't too much info. ;)

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