Sunday, December 10, 2006

the territory of embrace

a found poem

The topography of an open book
Is explicit in its erotic associations

Sumptuous twin paper curves
Meet in a recessed seam
Page turning is a series of gentle
Sweeping gestures
Like the brush of fingers on a naked back

We dress up to go out and look at art
Undressed, in bed, we read

We seek greater comfort
Than museum or concert halls
Will ever grant us

When we read
We become the lectern

Chest, arms, lap, thighs

This proximity
Is the territory of embrace
Of possession
Not to be entered without permission

Found in The Fetishism of the Book Object, in The Book Maker’s Desire by Buzz Spector as quoted by Bookslut

1 comment:

MGL said...

That passage totally made me drool with delight. It reminded me of Roland Barthes' excellent essay "The Pleasure of the Text", which everyone with a love of literature should read.

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