Sunday, December 03, 2006

the house that bompa built

the house that bompa built
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Shot of my grandfather's shadow cast against the house that he designed, back when it was originally being framed out. He built the house out slowly over many years, bit by bit, in a style that incorporated Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style and Mies' modernism. God I loved that house. And, of course, so did he.

Found this shot in a small photo album that he originally took with him to Guadalcanal in WWII -- the first dozen or so pages were filled with shots of my young grama -- mostly in shorts and a halter top (pretty sexy for the 40's) -- and their young son, my father. Clearly, he continued to fill it with the things that were most precious to him, even after he returned.

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Derry said...

again, you ms. cleo me.

my grandpa also built and designed his house. for two years he, along with my mom and grandma made adobe bricks for the house.

and my other grandpa was in Guadalcanal during WWII. and one of the ones lucky enough to return home.

and yes, we loved that house too and it was wrenching to see it go.

RA said...

Bompa seems a little ahead of his time photographically. Lee Friedlander has done quite well by using his shadow as a compositional feature on occasion. Nice picture. I would swipe it, at the very least to scan it, if I was you.

anniemcq said...

Hope you had a great visit. What a wonderful photo, and a great story too.

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