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indian school

indian school
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Indian food is bad for me. I will not run away, it's dangerous.

Lesson plan from a U.S. Government run "Indian School" -- many of which dotted the US beginning at the turn of the last century and continuing into the 1970s. The children were expected to copy these phrases, and others, to practice their penmanship.

In its earliest incarnations some kids were not permitted to return to their families, homes, and tribes for upwards of five years. One of the slogans adopted by the program was "kill the Indian to save the man."

Phoenix's Heard Museum has an excellent exhibit that uses the stories and voices of students who were subjected to this form "education" to reveal it for the barbarism it was.

According to our docent, 19 Hopi were imprisoned on Alcatraz for not sending their children away to the boarding school as mandated.

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Lasse said...

This just sounds so far out! Kill the indian to save the man.
I makes me think of all the thing's we are doing right NOW that we will look back at and shake our heads.

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