Friday, December 08, 2006

a wink and a pat

During a routine vote yesterday morning, Obama and Clinton brushed past each other on the Senate floor. Obama winked and touched Clinton on her elbow. Without pausing, she kept walking.

From today's front page Washington Post piece For Now, an Unofficial Rivalry

Cracks me up that this sort of thing made the front page of the Washington Post. These are the kinds of signals that you usually parse to try to figure out if two colleagues are having an affair.

If that were the question on the table -- instead of all this wondering about who's going to saddle up for a presidential run -- I would guess that there's an 85% probability that Mama's doing Obama.

Hilary's unseeing stare is the give away -- but I think Obama's wink and elbow pat give away too much. A cheater wouldn't touch the cheatee. Not while folks are watching. (But maybe I'm wrong: Bill did it.)

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