Tuesday, January 23, 2007

built chicago

the reg

Feeling like the popular girl today: received a note from the editor of BuiltChicago.com, a website "dedicated to architecture, planning, and real estate in the Second City", to let me know that my photo of the University of Chicago's Reg Library was featured as the photo of the day.

More important than my bloated ego (and decidedly more interesting) is the correlate Chicago architecture wiki project that Built Chicago is running.

It's young yet -- the "all existing pages" index is brief (not at all in keeping with we windy city types [1]) -- but oh, the places we'll go.

All it's gonna take is a few architecture freaks to get all wiki-with-it. Consider this your engraved invitation, folks.

[1] Rumor has it that the "Windy City" nomiker has little to do with the gusts that blow off Lake Michigan, and much to do with the tendency of Chicago politicians (and maybe bloggers?) to go off at length about anything at all.


heather lorin said...

Don't forget to give us the links to your contributions...those are sure to be good reads.

Lasse said...

That photo is super cool!

suttonhoo said...

thanks, lasse! :)

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