Saturday, January 06, 2007

on the flight home

across the aisle from me
a man reads

the chapter is headed
La Muerte

his thumb strokes
each line of type
with gentle patience
his eye traces each curve


Lolabola said...

I had a wacky dream or 5 last night, in one of them, you had moved to my city with your son who was a toddler and came and saved me from my desk job (which I no longer have) where I was in the middle of a fight with my boss.

We played some kids game that involved taking turns picking up rocks and blobs of mud bumping them against other "main" such blobs until we hit the wrong spot, a sound came out and we lost. There were baby birds in some of them and green goo which sounds gross and inhuman but the birds were cute and liked it and we thought nothing of it.

Your "son" kept moving a tarp around on the ground so we wouldn't get mud all over the carpet. I kept asking you when you had moved here and how on earth you knew where I was. You kept looking at me like I was insane and had severe memory loss, you had been here for 3 years or something.

You looked like a girl I knew a long time ago and I was conscious enough in the dream to realize that you don't look like that and therefore I was dreaming.

Thanks, that was fun. Come again.

suttonhoo said...

WOW -- that WAS fun! thanks for the invitation -- will do. ;)

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