Sunday, January 21, 2007

the interpretation of dreams


Recently I have had a preponderance of dreams regarding luggage.

In one dream I was in the hotel room that I was in fact occupying, sleeping without any pajama bottoms, which I was in fact doing, and someone came into my room and took all the pants from my luggage and closet -- leaving me with no pants to wear. Not even pajama bottoms. I had business meetings scheduled, and awoke wondering how I should conduct myself in a business meeting while wearing no bottoms.

Last night I dreamed that a tidal wave was about to hit the building where I was staying -- I felt vaguely responsible for the tidal wave somehow, but was largely intent on getting myself and my luggage out of its trajectory. I grabbed my bag and fled to the nearest hilltop, with many others, yet feeling wholly alone. I realized as I cleared the ridge that I had left my toothbrush back in the building I had just fled.

Just compiled a Flickr set of airport camerphone shots -- I suspect it'll grow some more in the days to come, with three more destinations planned for the next two weeks.


me said...

ah, i recognize this!

these dreams are part of a disease called "road warrior syndrome."

the only cure is to spend at least 3 weeks in your own nest. ;-)

safe travels. hope you're back in your own nest soon!

Lolabola said...

I was just explaining a dream to my cousin, it escapes me now, but I had to reference those naked dreams "you know, when you are missing some important item of clothing at a very inopportune time".....she didn't know. She's never had one of those dreams.

when travelling a lot or really when about to embark on a lot of travelling, I always dream of losing my passport. usually in the dream, I only lose it when I'm in another country and suddenly will not be able to get home.

heather lorin said...

Sheesh girl -will you be traveling like this all the time or is it a beginning of the year kinda thing?

suttonhoo said...

thanks, db/me! me too.

lola -- your cousin must really have her act together -- these are anxiety dreams, aren't they? that we won't perform up to expectation -- ours or others? I've had similar dreams where all my teeth fell out... I think I prefer the naked ones. ;)

heatherlorin -- sweet god I hope not. it should calm down soon.

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