Tuesday, January 23, 2007

yamazaki's notebook

no shoes allowed

Building art is always the spatial expression of spiritual decisions.

Mies van der Rohe as cited by Flickrite Yamazaki in Meditations on a Book's Spine

Yamazaki, an Australian writer who has written for Blueprint Magazine, is kicking off a book publishing venture with a certain mindfulness that I suspect will result in extraordinary things. Yamazaki was gracious enough to use stills from my Farnsworth shoot in writing about the new venture.

While things are getting off the ground you might want to spend a little time at Yamazaki's Notebook (What Yamazaki Reads) -- a delightful blog that's sure to appeal to lovers of both books and architecture.

And why is it, I wonder, that those things so frequently go together?


Lasse said...

Sounds good! Reminds me -I just ordered a book called Made In Japan -it has all the worst combos of building uses you can imagine. A graveyard with a tunnel underneath or actually it's more like a graveyard bridge -those japanese are insane. Check it out -nothing beats the unconventional ways of the japanese mindset compared to ours.

suttonhoo said...

so cool -- thanks for the title -- I'll definitely check it out.

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