Wednesday, January 31, 2007

shoot the moon

shoot the moon 2
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I realize it has everything to do with the fact that I don't have an adequate lens for taking shots of the moon (and no, I don't suppose this here cameraphone is going to quite manage to close that gap), but the moon is one of those things that I always shoot shyly, like I did A.G. -- a tall quiet kid that I had a raging crush on in 9th grade but never got up the courage to talk to -- when I was the photographer for our Jr High School paper and he was warming the bench during some basketball game that I was assigned to cover.

I shot *around* him a hundred and a half ways, but I never managed to shoot him directly -- and as a result, in all the shots that I took, he fell away to the horizon. My heart ached when I saw those shots developed (even though I knew what was on that roll) the same way it does when I shoot the moon.

Shot en route to Houston.
Posting by cameraphone from Katy, TX.

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