Monday, January 29, 2007

the second leg

a found poem

He entered the second leg unknown
and left it as a winner

nearly forgotten

the indelible image of Saturday's race
was of Barbaro coming up lame

Bernardini trapped the pace-setting Like Now
and Sweetnorthernsaint in the far turn
and made a powerful move at the top of the turn
to push ahead by three and a half lengths

I had plenty of horse
At the quarter pole
When I asked him
He took off

As [he] galloped down the backstretch
[Castellano] looked for Barbaro
saw that Prado had dismounted
and knew

something was terribly wrong

Found in Charge to Victory Unnoticed in Wake of Injury which ran in the New York Times right after the race horse Barbaro fell lame in the second leg of the Triple Crown. Today, after many months of limping recovery, Barbaro was put down.

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